For your consideration...

Poker Face


Large 30"x48" original on creative edge canvas. Beautiful and expressive horse.

 In private galleries

Boys will be Boys $2,700

36"x48" original  acrylic on canvas.  Cute portrait of playfull babies playing.

Noble Horse


This large 40"x40" acrylic on creative edge canvas is one of my favorite pieces.  It's mysteriors and intriguing.   Crossing to an impressionistic style, I added lots of texture as well. 

Wild Soul


30"x40" acrylic original on creative edge canvas portraying a wild mustang overlooking his herd.  This piece screems freedom and wilderness. 

Prints on canvas available for $400

Palomino Wind


Stunning 30"x48" original of two palomino colts running.  Beautiful rich colors will add life to any living room

Gold Andalusian

$2,500 SOLD

18"x36" original on creative edge canvas.  Andalusian horse sprinkled with gold leaf that shimmers in the sun. 


Noble Horse III


30"x40" acrylic original on creative edge canvas. This beautiful painting is one of my favorites.  The expression on the horse's face is captivating and intriguing. 

Prints on canvas available for $400

Noble Horse II


This large 48"x48" acrylic on creative edge canvas.  This is a portrait of a stunning Andalusian stallion with his mane caught in the wind.  This impressive painting takes my breath away every time I see it.



Large 30"x40" original on canvas. Black and white Friesian portrait.

Best Buds


40"x40" origial acrylic on creative edge canvas. Heartwarmimg piece picturing horse friends scratching each other's backs.